Konics Vision goes far beyond identifying incident alerts and logging calls. We focus on information, we like details, and we try to understand behaviors that could put IT at risk. Our Konics ViewIT system ensures that all incidents are handled from begining to end. In addition, it acts as an “Infrastructure BI,” providing management reports with metrics that help customers to make better decisions and invest time, money, and effort where it is really needed. This is cost-effectiveness! 

Our management model supports the client and its partners identifying opportunities for improvement as well as reducing incidents. We help to raise the level of maturity in SLA management.

Our exclusive Konics Failproof Workflow integrates processes and service flows, ensuring that all incidents will be dealt with from beginning to end.

We offer:


Failproof service flow


Incident history with Behavior Analysis


Decision-making support


Workflow adaptable to the criticality of each business

Business impact view

We know that an incident that occurs at 2:00 in the morning can be more or less critical than an incident that occurs at 2:00 in the afternoon.

We adjust the service flow and impact analysis considering the time the problem happened, existing contingency, business criticality , as well as the end of financial periods, seasonal sales or production.

Evaluate Impact based on:

– Resource usage time (host or service)

– Recurrence

– Existent contingencies

– Seasonal sales or production period

– Closing and freezing period, among others

smart view


O Konics VisiOn Provides intelligent reporting, a true “BI Infrastructure,” which helps IT managers make decisions and invest time, money and effort where it is really needed.

Evolutionary Management

Leave behind the traditional incident control by ticket. Your business has evolved, your IT too! Why not change the way you manage your KPIs?

Contact us and find out how Konics can help you to improve your IT.

#We can help you achieve greater cost-effectiveness.

Quality information that helps you take a better decisions.