What would you do if the story of your company was completely deleted?

Every day, a new page of your company’s story is written, and the backup exists to maintain that story.

Konics re-Up is a complete service for backup management and business continuity, free of day-to-day headaches. We perform the entire backup management policies,  routines monitoring and dealing with all problems related to backup & restore. We work with the main backup solutions in the market and we also create the Disaster Recovery (DR) environment. We have been delivering 100% success in restore for all our customers for over 4 years and our service meets ISO, SOx and PCI audit requirements.

Do not let your company’s story become a blank page book!

Protect your data with Konics re-Up:


Backup Policy Management


Vulnerability Analysis in Backup


Monitoring Backup Routines – 24×7


Virtualized Environment Auditing (VMWare and Hyper-V)


ISO, SOx and PCI Auditing


Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

Our unique backup management system integrates with the industry’s leading backup solutions (TSM, Data Protector, CommVault, NetBackup, Avamar, among others) connecting processes and information to deliver unique reports and dashboards, evidence of restore, vulnerability analysis, improvement opportunities and many other controls that help us to deliver a very distinguished service.

100% success in restore over the last four years

More than solutions, we deliver tranquillity.

Virtualization environment

Identifying changes in your VMWare or Hyper-V environment is often a difficult task for the backup team. That is why Konics has created connectors that identify changes in your virtualization environment and generate alerts that help us to ensure all servers are covered by the backup policy.


Your Business Carefree