#About Konics

What do we do?

We help our clients to ensure the continuity of their business, innovate the management model and raise the level of maturity in IT processes. We provide relevant information, a true BI infrastructure that helps the clients to make better decisions and invest time and money in what they really need! This is cost-effectiveness.

Why choose Konics?

Konics has a unique platform for backup / restore management and monitoring IT infrastructure. We pay attention to detail and more than identify incidents, we seek to understand and address behaviors that can impact in our clients’ business.

It’s 15 years assisting clients
to attain the efficiency they persue
also the tranquility they deserve.



We created and inserted in our DNA  the “Konics TaaS – Tranquility as a Service” concept, because we believe  life is very hectic and  Tranquility is what our clients need and deserve!


Konics Vision goes far beyond identifying incident alerts and logging calls. We focus on information, we like details, and we try to understand behaviors that could put IT at risk.

Our Konics ViewIT system ensures that all incidents are handled from beginning to end. In addition, it acts as an “Infrastructure BI,” providing management reports with metrics that help customers to make better decisions and invest time, money and effort where it is really needed.

This is cost-effectiveness!


MONITORING and efficiency


What would you do if the story of your company was completely deleted?

Every day a new page of your company’s story is written, and the backup exists to maintain that story.

K|backup is a complete service for backup management and business continuity, free of day-to-day headaches. We perform the entire backup management policies,  routines monitoring and we also deal with all problems related to backup & restore. We work with the main backup solutions in the market and we also design the Disaster Recovery (DR) environment. We have been delivering 100% success in restore for all our customers for over 4 years and our service meets ISO, SOx and PCI audit requirements.

Do not let your company’s story become a blank page book!


100% success in restore over the last four years